M38 Jeeps in Japan circa 1953
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M38’s in Japan 1953

Written by Jim Kelley

Restoring my M38 brought back some memories of an old friend of mine from the Artillery school at Fort Sill, OK. In talking to him I told him I had purchased an M38 Jeep and was restoring it. He said he thought he was driving an M38 while stationed in Japan in 1953.

He mailed me some photos ....

He mailed me some photos from his army experiences in Japan. When I got the photos– sure enough, it was an M38. The interesting thing about this whole story is he was an agent with the CIC (Counter Intelligence Corps) on assignment in Japan. One of his many jobs was to run down a future wife-to-be of a G.I. He was investigating her to make sure this was all on the up and up.

Well, after interviewing her, he was driving back to his home base. The roads were wet from a light rain and he slid off the edge of the road and tipped the Jeep over. He was not hurt, but the translator riding with him had some minor injuries.

The accident took place December 24, 1953, near the city of Omuta-Shi.

I thought some of you would like to see these old photos not usually seen of a jeep in this position.

Jim Kelley

Upturned M38 in Japan 1953

Upturned M38 in Japan

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